About Us

Based in Toronto and Montreal, Infusion Dance Studios was born from an artistic concept realized by Parul Gupta. Her love and understanding of contrastive dance forms compelled her to create innovative movement in Indian Fusion Dance. Infusion Dance Studios exclusively offers courses in this style.

Infusion Dance Studios specializes in the art of Indian dance.  It was started in 2005 in Montreal by Parul Gupta.  Since then the company has grown to have studios in both Toronto and Montreal. Infusion focuses on offering dance classes, giving performances and creating choreography both within the company and in collaboration with a broad spectrum of artists such as Cirque du Soleil, Indo-Canadian sensation “Josh”, and Radio Canada.

Everyone at Infusion believes in staying rooted in older dance traditions while practicing dance in ways that reflect today’s culture and context. In doing so, Infusion is committed to promoting creative dance movement along with strong technical skills.

Infusion Dance Studios’ motto is “dancing is for everyone and within everyone”.