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Breakfast Tv interview

Earlier this week the infusion dance team was fortunate enough to be featured on Breakfast Television and got a chance to teach Wilder Weir a few dance moves. With an early start showing up at 5:30am this is no easy task, getting prepped, dressed and ready to dance just as the sun is coming up […]

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Injuries and recovery

As we age and remain active we collect injuries, some go away while others linger. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can aid in avoiding certain injuries caused by inactivity. Although other injuries cannot be avoided or even predicted. Some common injuries in dance are: ankle sprains, Meniscus Knee Tear, Lower-Back Strain and Muscle Spasms, neck strain […]

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Dance Meets Yoga

Yoga and dance, are often seen as two rather different things. Primarily dance is an art form done to beat and rhythm, an expression of various art forms and cultural influences. Yoga on the other hand is an ancient discipline that focuses on spiritual, mental, and physical improvement. So how what happens when you mix […]

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