Our Team

PARUL GUPTA, Founder & Artistic Director
DIVYA VISWANATHAN, Teacher & Company Dancer
PULAK TRIVEDI, Teacher & Company Dancer
RASHMI SAREEN, Administrative Manager

Divya Viswanathan, Teacher/Company Dancer

Divya has immersed herself in Indian dance since the age of four. With the invaluable training Divya received from Uma Vasudevan, Divya completed her Bharatanatyam debut performance at the age of nine. After 15 years of training in this style, Divya joined Infusion Dance Studios in 2006 as a student of Parul Gupta. Through Parul Gupta’s devoted training, Divya discovered the world of Indian Contemporary dance. Divya is now the principal dance teacher for Infusion Dance Studios Montreal. She has performed for Infusion on various occasions, both in group and solo presentations. Her endless desire to explore and study Indian dance led Divya to begin training in Kathak in 2011 under the skilled guidance of Sudeshna Maulik. She strives to continuously further and perfect her artistic development. Divya holds a B.A. in History and World Religions, and will be starting her MBA at McGill University this Fall. Alongside dance, she enjoys practicing yoga, reading, good food (with a particular weakness for fries), and fashion. Dance is Divya’s creative and emotional outlet. She believes it has the power to express what words cannot. For Divya, the beauty of dance lies in each person’s unique interpretation of movement.

Pulak Trivedi, Teacher/Company Dancer

Having started at the age of three, Pulak has trained in various forms of dance including Jazz, Tap, Indian Folk, and most recently Indian Fusion. After having successfully participated in many dance competitions across the NY, NJ and PA tri-state area, Pulak moved to Canada to continue his development in Indian Folk and Bollywood dance styles. Having choreographed and danced in cultural events and University shows and competitions, Pulak gained more dance experience by joining Infusion Dance Studios in 2005. Since then, he has performed, danced and assisted in teaching for both the Montreal and Toronto Studios. While having a degree in Business Management and Human Resources Management, dance is Pulak’s true passion and he feels no one is ever too young or too old to learn. Perfection is not a requirement because “dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.”

Rashmi Sareen, Administrative Manager

Rashmi Sareen joined Infusion Dance Studios in 2005 out of curiosity and a willingness to get into shape – and got so much more out of the classes than just learning how to pirouette! “Without any formal dance training, I was able to improve my memory with the moves, my musical timing, and became more self-assured in my own dancing ability!” Besides being a student, Rashmi is also Administration Manager, a point of contact for those eager to learn about the course, handling all registration functions, as well as meeting students before or after class to chat and discuss feedback. Communication is key – whether it’s by email, phone or meeting potential participants at metro stations requesting info! Rashmi takes part numerous volunteer and charity events, including the 5.4km Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research, the Light The Night Walk hosted by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada and the Accueil Bonneau food campaign. An award-winning public speaker, Valedictorian, and avid music fan, Rashmi’s efforts in branching out into various activities have been recognized in GE’s 2011 HealthAhead Hero campaign, a feature on the Healthymagination website, and enrollment in the Associate Development Program for leadership training. Rashmi’s advice when trying something new is “don’t be scared – be prepared! Have fun in every crazy adventure and enjoy the learning process!”

Roberto Caluori, Media Manager

Having tried various other dance styles over the years, Roberto discovered Infusion Dance Studios in 2007, and has been committed to the Indian Fusion dance style ever since. What began as curiosity in a foreign style, has now become a necessity. Roberto’s strong background in blogging and web marketing led him to the role of Media Manager for Infusion Dance Studios where he handles website management and social media. Being a student of Infusion influences Roberto’s role as Media Manager; it allows him to discover new and creative ways to showcase the dance styles of Infusion Dance Studios. Roberto is an avid runner, yoga practitioner and food critic. He strongly encourages everyone to accept their own unique qualities as that is what makes individuals memorable.