The Power of Repetition

power of repetitionWe always hear the phrase “practice makes perfect” and most of us believe it to be true.  When I hear the word perfect, especially where it concerns dance, I interpret this to mean practice makes for perfect dance technique.  I have found something quite different through my daily dance practice.  It definitely takes a lot of discipline and commitment to practice everyday and even more so to practice the exact same thing every day.  Here’s the interesting thing that I have discovered (and keep discovering!):  Everyday my body and mind feel uniquely different about doing the same series of exercises.  Some days my mind and body work together and other days they are on complete different pages.  Some days I’m able to execute the movements with perfect precision and other days I’m unable to dance to even 25% of my satisfaction.  So why is this and what can we make of it?  I think that everyday we are a different person and as such our needs and desires are constantly changing.  Our daily dance practice allows us to create a 2-way commitment with our art from, the same way as interacting with our family and friends on a daily basis builds strong bonds.  Thus the power of repetition lies not in the transformation to perfect but rather in the ability to win trust over our body and mind to maintain a strong and loving relationship with our art form, so that we can always be there for each other.

About Parul Gupta

Parul is the founder and principal teacher of Infusion Dance Studios,, based in Toronto and Montreal. Her choreographies are part of 3 Cirque du Soleil productions: “Love”, “Kooza” & “Totem”. Parul is committed to continually advancing her dance technique with reputable teachers in both Canada and India. She is supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for her artistic development, and was awarded the Shastri Indo-Canadian Arts Fellowship to study dance in India. Parul has given performances and workshops across Canada, in the U.S.A and in India.

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